Hi there!

Welcome to my interior blog. My name is Andreea Bercu. 27 years old. Romanian latin-blooded. Dutch raised. Photographer. Vintage junkie. I live together with my boyfriend in my dream house in Haarlem, a loft with characteristic beams and totally decorated in my favorite style that is: eclectic with bohemian details like a lot of plants.

As far back as I can remember I have this thing for interior, as a little girl I would constantly change my bedroom every other month. When I finally moved out of the house, I was so excited! The idea of having my own house (Ok, a tiny room of 12m2) and decorate it just as I imaged, was something I dreamed of for years.

As I always tell my friends: style has nothing to do with money. I spend my days searching for eclectic interiors and with that inspiration I start browsing through vintage home decoration on the internet. I love the mix of vintage and modern, together with a bohemian touch of rugs and plants.

I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts, findings, pictures and just everything that inspires me!


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