A Successful Plant Hunting Weekend

Not long ago, I’ve been a known plant killer and now I know that was completely my fault because I can be very forgetful. I noticed that doesn’t work well with plant keeping. The best example is when I kept noticing my Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) was looking more and more pale last week. But then this guy from my favorite plant shop taught me to water my plants by soaking them in a layer of water, so the plant can soak up as much water as he needs to. And hey, it’s helping… A LOT. My Spider plant loved it because it’s looking better then ever!

Anyway, visiting nurseries is one of my favorite things to do. And this particular weekend, I bought a bunch of cool indoor plants for just 10 euro at the famous Luilak market! I got a tropical plant, a succulent and a really beautiful calla lily. This market is one of my favorites of the year because it’s a pot and plant market which starts at 4pm and goes on throughout the night until around 11am the next day. Besides flowers, plants and garden accessories, you can also enjoy delicious food and drinks.

As you can see, plants are quickly becoming my new addiction. I have so many already, but I ALWAYS have room for one more.

Here are some pictures from this weekend! X



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