The New Floral Trend That Is Impossible To Kill

Hi guys!

Remember my post when I shared my version of the DIY- terrarium,  a miniature indoor garden inside a glass vase? I’m happy to inform you that the plants inside are still alive and kicking – well except for the small terrarium which was eaten by my bunny when I put it on the floor for just a second – plants are really now his new favorite thing, together with my new fiddle leaf fig… As if it’s not finicky enough without being eaten. Anyway, I’m still in love with the look of them on my dining table! Have you already made your own?

Ever since I made this terrarium I started searching on Pinterest to see what else is possible with plants and glass vases or jars. I discovered you can even grow an oak tree from an acorn (oak nut) or an avocado tree from the pit if you put it in water. I dedicated a special Pinterest board to the new trend of plants in glass containers, so many great ideas! This DIY hipster avocado by Gustav caught my eye last month, so I decided to not throw away the pit for once and put it in water. Nothing happened… yet! Many guides I have read say that sprouting can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks, so I guess I have to be patient… not my strongest point!
I also discovered a restaurant yesterday in Amsterdam who had these tall, big glass containers that looked like a water garden. It was so gorgeous that I want to make my own! Here is an example of a DIY water garden by Martha Stewart.

It’s getting a real trend now in interior design, Urban Jungle Bloggers are even highlighting this month the translucent beauty of glass in combination with plants on their blog. If you love greenery in your home but don’t have a green thumb like me, then rooting plants in water is the simplest, most beautiful floral trend right now! All you have to do is snip a certain plant at the base of a leaf and place it in fresh water in a glass vase – then watch as it begins to grow roots. Cool huh? My mom always used to do this in these plastic cups when I was little until she could plant it in the ground – the shabby version – but who knew it looks so good in a translucent vase as interior decoration? Also, it’s the easiest houseplant you’ll ever have, since it’s impossible to kill… yep sounds perfect right?

Need some inspiration? I picked out my favorite ones down below!

Have you already tried this trend? Let me know how it went.





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  1. Elizaveta says:

    In love with these glass gardens … ♡ I have 9 avo seeds in water… 2 have started roots … that took 8 weeks… ack so hard to be patient ! 😉

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    1. Hahaha I know right! Mine doesn’t have roots yet… Just started to crack. Guess I have to be a little bit more patient! 😁


  2. Roch says:

    Cool! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome! I also did an Urban Jungle Bloggers post.


  4. Yes! I love the look of theses houeplants, so beautiful and easy to keep alive!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, especially easy! Right up my alley! 😉


  5. Julie says:

    Love this new trend! It’s great for people like me who struggle to keep houseplants alive 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thank you so much for sharing, I can’t wait to give this a try!

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