DIT – Do-It-Together Terrarium

Hi everyone!

I hope you all have a lovely long Easter weekend together with family and friends. I don’t know what you have planned for the day, but maybe this is something fun you can do!

If you’ve been watching my Instagram posts, you might have noticed that I adore interiors with a lot of plants.

For all my fellow plant lovers who seemed to love the terrariums I made after posting a picture on my Instagram together with my dear friend Rochella, I thought I’ll share with you a little DIY or should I say DIT? Because making a terrarium together with friends is so much fun! When was the last time you got your hands dirty?

Up until last year I think, I used to keep away from owning a houseplant. It had nothing to do with not liking plants, I just don’t have a green thumb when it comes to caring for my plants – I tend to kill them within a couple of weeks – so imagine how happy I was when I saw that terrariums were the new big thing when it comes to the botanical interior trend!

A terrarium is like a miniature indoor garden inside a glass vase – and it looks soooo pretty in your interior! The plants are low maintenance – hooray! – and are perfect for people like me who don’t have a garden as it adds a bit of outdoor beauty. It’s also a lot of fun to make – together with a friend – and surprisingly easy.

The materials you will need: small stones (gravel, pebbles or something similar), potting soil, plants and moss.

Making a terrarium was so easy to do it’s ridiculous! Ok, let’s begin shall we?

First, choose a glass vase where the plants have enough space for their roots. You can usually find gorgeous, hand-blown glass terrariums at interior stores, but those often are pretty expensive and as I always love to copy everything low budget, in Holland there are some good – and cheap – stores who tend to have the latest trends when it comes to interior decoration. The vases I used are from Xenos and Action and cost just a couple of euros.

Begin by placing drainage at the bottom of the container, we used hydro balls but you can also use small stones like gravel or pebbles. Then, add soil and make sure to create a hole large enough for the roots of each plant. Steps 1 and 2 should equal about one-third the height of your selected container with the soil layer being the thickest.


Now you can begin by adding the plants – we used succulents and cacti. Remove a plant from its container and tease the roots gently apart to remove excess soil. Carefully put the plant into a hole you made and add more soil around it, patting it down gently. Repeat with the rest of the plants, but don’t plant too many as you want to leave some space on the surface for landscaping with moss later on.




Then, for finishing your terrarium, add some decoration! We added moss on top of the soil to cover the top of the terrarium, but you can also add some wood snips for example, most importantly is to have fun!


And there you have it! A perfect indoor garden that looks pretty amazing on your table! You guys have an excellent Easter Monday.


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  1. Rochella says:

    Like like like! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Snel weer nieuw DIY if DIT projectje! 😉


  2. Thank you for sharing this! I too, have caught the terrarium bug. They are so much fun, and the possibilities are endless. Have you had any issues keeping Cacti and mosses in the same terrarium? As one prefers to be dry whilst the other wet. Lovely photos 🙂


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